5 Supplements You Need Right Now for Healthy Aging!

Vitamin-CAs we become older, we begin to realize that our looks, our body, and our memory are being affected by the aging process.

In today’s world, people are aging faster than ever before in history. This site is dedicated to helping you live a vital, happy and healthy life that is full of energy.

In previous articles on this site, I have:

Discussed the importance of a healthy diet, rich in a daily abundance of raw fruits and vegetables.

Addressed the need for exercise and to get your body moving to maintain energy levels, flexibility, muscle mass, core strength and bone density.

Given you proven and powerful ways to tackle your aging skin problems.

Also written about the need for happiness and how to change your negative thoughts into positive ones and the impact this has on your aging, health, and well-being.

The effects of aging:

As you age, your body becomes depleted of many vital nutrients due to stress, diet, lifestyle, pregnancy, economic factors, alcohol, prescription medications, and overall health. You begin to feel tired, stressed, achy, and less vital.

 The best ways to replace these nutrients is to take supplements that can restore the youth and vitality to your cells and many of your vital body systems.

People find they do not need to take many supplements if their diet is really good. The majority of your daily intake of food should be from raw fruits and vegetables. Soups and juices are equally important to your health.

When your diet is clean and packed full of natural nutrition, you will not need many supplements to keep your body looking and feeling vibrant.

 Here are 5 supplements you should be using right now:

  •  Vitamin C. Our cells no longer have the ability to produce or store vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is powerful in keeping your body youthful. It has a tremendous ability to restore soft tissues and skin.
  • Iodine. Every single case of cancer has been traced back to low to nil levels of iodine in the cells.

Magnascent iodine is one of the most powerful forms of iodine currently available. It restores the cellular balance helping to ward off disease, increases brain function, and even helps improve thyroid function.  Our modern diet has caused a deficiency of iodine in many Americans today.

  • MSM & DMSO. These two are the powerhouse in sulfur restoration of our body. If you have pain or aching joints, you need more sulphur, which both MSM and DMSO supply.  MSM is better than glucosamine for joint pain. MSM makes a wonderful anti-aging skin cream.

DMSO has received a bad rap. It is the true wonder medicine of the century. It can be applied topically or taken internally in small doses with a very pure brand like Jacobs Labs.  DMSO heals cuts, burns, bumps, and bruises faster than anything I have ever seen.

  • Oils. Fish oils and coconut oil taken daily in higher doses are needed to maintain healthy brain functioning. Most people think they must drink more water for their hydration and this is only partially true.

The most important part of hydration that you are missing is lipid (fat/oil) hydration. Our modern diet, heavy in refined oils, strips the healthy oils from your body leaving your body to age and wrinkle.

  • Probiotics. I cannot stress enough the importance of taking probiotics. Probiotics feed the healthy “bugs” in your body. It is these bugs that manufacture the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Probiotics increase your immune system, helps to improve your mood, and helps your body utilize the food you are eating. Water, medicine, and Candida are some of the biggest culprits that harm natural healthy flora in your body.

If you are a woman, you should additionally be taking a probiotic formulated for women for vaginal and bladder health.

Taking these 5 supplements will improve your energy and vitality greatly. Before you know it you will be looking and feeling much better.

As always, if you question taking any supplements, ask your trusted health care provider to see what is right and healthy for you.