5 Tips That Help You Sleep Better and Stay Younger!


Many people do not realize that getting a good night sleep will help you to stay younger.  Lack of sleep has been linked to a whole host of health problems including premature aging.

Here are 5 tips that help you sleep better and stay younger:

1.  No electronics in the bedroom.  Studies have shown that electronics like a television or anything that has a light interferes with healthy sleep. WebMD reports that you should sleep in as much of an electronic-free zone as possible. This includes removing or unplugging all devices that are plugged into an outlet that are not necessity.  Electricity still flows through electronics even when they are off, so unplugging them is important.2.  No internet before bed.  US News reports that using the internet or using other electronic devices like a Kindle before bed switches your brain from winding down sleep mode into aware and active.  This switch interferes with your normal bio-rhythms and prevents good and health sleep.

3.  Total darkness.  Makes sure your room is in total darkness when you are sleeping.  Even a little bit of light will interfere with melatonin production.  Melatonin helps control waking and sleeping cycles, as well as boosts your immune system.

4.  White noise.  If you are a light sleeper or live in an area prone to unexpected noises, keeping noises out that could wake you is important to good sleep.  Studies done on babies show that they get better, more growth type sleep when they have the addition of white noise.

White noise can be as simple as a fan running in the corner of the room or you can buy a white noise machine that produces sounds of rain and the ocean.

5.  Relaxing rituals.  You may find that you need to tell your brain and body to wind down before bed by using night time rituals.  You can use the following rituals to help you relax into sleep mode:

  • Bath with Epsom salts or magnesium oil.  Magnesium helps to relax your muscles.
  • Light stretching before bed helps work out the stress of the day.
  • Reading a book by candle light.
  • Meditation calms and moves your brain waves into deep relaxation for the best sleep.