7 Incredible Tips for Dark Eye Circles – some home remedies for dark circles under eyes

Dark eyes are unsightly, as they can make you look tired and old. For a lot of men and women, there’s no way around it. Personally I hate looking at any dark circles around my eyes and just the other day I thought these have to go and they have to go now. Apart from the fact that they don’t look that attractive, they make me look and feel tired.

I have been reading up and tried a few things about fixing the problem and no doubt there are heaps of skin care products you could buy but I was thinking how about some home remedies for dark circles under eyes. If you don’t have any idea where to start, the following tips may help:


1. Try cucumber slices.

Yes, I know, how many times have I seen this on TV or movies and heaps of magazines cover it from time to time.It’s popular simply because it works. It’s really simple, place cucumber slices over your eyes for about an hour and a half and find a place to relax. The cold, fresh, and soothing feel of the cucumber will transfer its goodness into your restless eyes.

The cooling effect will decrease the flow of blood to the area around your eyes and reduce the darkening effect. The combined effect of the hydrating and cooling of the eyes will reduce and swelling and reduce dark eye circles.

Bear in mind, we are talking about something that gives you a cooling effect concentrated around the eyes so if you don’t have cucumber available, potato slices will work just as well.


2. Drink heaps of water and aim for ten glasses of water daily.

While this tip isn’t an immediate relief, it is going to help a lot in the long run. Water keeps you hydrated and in turn moisturizes the eyes, whilst the lack of it dries them up. So do what you can and drink not just eight, but I always aim for ten glasses of water daily.

Basically, water is good for the skin and it promotes normal body circulation.


3. Lemon juice

Squeeze some lemon juice and apply it with a cotton around the dark circles. Do this twice a day and watch them disappear like magic. Lemon juice is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants that have lots of fruit acids and sugar which are good for acting as exfoliants as well as being good for cleaning and skin brightening. The acids are called alpha hydroxy acids which help exfoliate the skin and getting rid of dead skin cells.


4. Sleep at least 8 hours daily.

Sleep is very important in keeping the body healthy. Sleep is also essential to make the eyes look fresh and keeping them dark circles-free. For adults, and mind you everyone is different but, the minimum recommended amount of sleep is six hours per day. Remember one thing, you might have to compensate for any sleep that you missed the previous day, that is if you slept 6 hours one night your sleep “bank account” is in deficit.


5. Try almond oil or almond cream.

Almond is referred to as the best skin food available. Feed the skin around your eyes with it. Use it for dark circles by applying either the oil or the cream generously on the problem areas. Leave it there for 10 minutes, then wash it all off. Check the instructions on any product you buy but this is generally done before bath time.


6. Apply ice bags on your eyes daily.

After waking up, prepare an ice bag an that you can use on your eyes for an hour or so. The cooling effect of the ice allows both blood and fluid to flow naturally, not accumulate in dark circles under the eyes.


7. Chamomile tea bags..

Guess what. Chamomile tea bags can help. Dip two tea bags of chamomile tea in cold water. Let it stand for five minutes and place them over each eye for ten minutes. Its soothing effect will work wonderfully.


There’s really no reason why you have to live with dark eye circles if you can do something about it. These home remedies and natural treatments are very easy to follow, with most of what you need to be found in your kitchen at home.