7 Super-Foods That Boost Brain Power!


It was Hippocrates, the father of medicine, that said, “Let thy food be thy medicine.”  Food can either be a poison that slowly destroys your health or medicine which will add to your health and vitality.

Healthy foods can be described as living foods.  Healthy foods have little to no chemicals or processing and are as close to nature and their natural environment as possible.  Raw fruits and vegetables top this list.  This also includes organic and heirloom grown foods. 

Foods rich in sugars, processing, and saturated fat are poisons.  In fact, the modern standard American diet, known as SAD, is much more of a poison then healthy.

Yet people continue to eat fast foods, packaged foods and foods that have more chemicals than natural ingredients.  The result is not only poor health, but an unhealthy brain.

An unhealthy brain has learning problems and is prone to forgetfulness, which sadly, describes the brain of a large percentage of so-called healthy middle aged adults.  If you have wondered why children are so tech savvy where adults struggle just to figure out the basics, this has to do with the impaired learning centers of the adult brain.

Changing your diet to be mostly (if not all) healthy foods and adding in super foods to boost your brain power will completely change how you look and feel.  Super foods are not new to the healthy eating scene, but chances are you have not heard of these super brain foods.

Here are 7 super foods that can boost your brain power:

1.  Oils.  All oils are not created equally.  Most of the oils we are used to buying and using will actually strip the natural fats from our brain.  Canola oil, vegetable oil and even olive oil that you buy at the super market are full of brain robbing fat.

There are 3 oils that I rely on for my brain health; real, unadulterated olive oil, raw coconut oil, or even raw butter.  Most of the olive oil on the market contains canola oil or sunflower oil, which is NOT printed on the label.  I use the brand Kotinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Raw coconut oils are sold at health food stores and raw butter is usually sold by the farmers selling raw milk.

2.  Sardines.  These little fish are very brain smart fish.  I take these, let them soak in my own real olive oil with a dash of Celtic Sea Salt, and eat them daily for a snack.  I do buy the skinless and boneless varieties.

3.  Green Coffee Beans.  Many people want their morning coffee for head clarity, but find when they “go healthy” they no longer look at coffee the same way, but still miss the physical sensations that coffee brought to them.

Green coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid, where it is destroyed with roasting.  Chlorogenic acid is rich in antioxidants and helps to preserve healthy cells.  The natural caffeine in green coffee will help give you a lift for clearer thinking.

Grind the green coffee beans and add a teaspoon to your smoothies.  Alternatively you can throw some in a jar, add spring water and let brew for a full 24 hours, preferably set outside to brew.  Do not expect it to taste like coffee, it won’t.

You can add some raw honey to sweeten if desired or freeze the green coffee water into ice cubes and use those in your juice or tea.

4.   Real Vanilla Bean.  A daily intake of vanilla has shown to reduce inflammation in the brain and is also a powerful DNA repairer and protector.  Buy some organic vanilla beans and scrape out the seeds and add them to anything you desire.  I also grind up the bean in my smoothies.

5Bee Pollen.  Bee pollen is super-rich in nutrients your brain needs.  With one of the highest sources of B vitamins, your brain will thank you with sharper focus and mental stamina after taking bee pollen.  Begin slowly with adding ¼ teaspoon to food or smoothies and increase your amount by ¼ teaspoon every 3rd day until you are at a full teaspoon a few times a day.

6.  Pine Pollen.  Known as the supreme hormone balancer by boosting testosterone in men and reducing extra estrogen in women, hormones play a big part in mental clarity.  Pine pollen also strengthens every organ and system in your body once again boosting your brain power.  All you need is a little bit 5 days out of the week.

7.   Cranberries.  The focus of cranberries is actually the iodine content.  Your brain needs a lot of iodine to function correctly.  Eating 12 ounces of raw whole organic cranberries a day will give your brain the electrical conductance needed to have the best functioning brain possible.  Alternatively, you can also drink unsweetened organic cranberry juice daily.  Make sure you are drinking about 16-24 ounces daily.