Be Careful! 10 Common Diet and Exercise Mistakes That Age You!

dring-milkWhen people embark on the path of health, they are often overwhelmed by what is actually bad for them and what truly is good for them.

While much of what you read is opinion and based on individual factors, there are some health myths floating around that should be flat out avoided.

Here are 10 common diet and exercise mistakes that age you:

1.  Following the food pyramid. There is so much debate all over the internet about the USDA food pyramid.  The simple fact is following the food pyramid is unhealthy.

2.  Eat grains. Grains are now genetically modified and cause everything from digestive issues to DNA problems.  Grains are no longer what they used to be.  Avoid them like the plague.

3.  Drink milk for calcium. The fact is that your stomach acid cannot be neutralized in order to break down the calcium to be used by your body. Milk neutralizes stomach acid.  You are better off with a calcium citrate taken with Vitamin D and digestive enzymes while bypassing milk altogether.

4.  Grazing is good for you. Frequent mini meals have been touted as the way to weight loss and health success. In reality, your digestive system needs to rest. If you are continually grazing on food, your system is never resting. This leads to greater digestive distress and ages you quickly.

5.  Do not miss a meal. WOW!  This is a big one. Decades of research has shown that a reduction of calories and intermittent fasting actually prolongs life.

6.  Raw foods are harmful.  Raw foods can carry bacteria, but you should be washing everything well before you eat it anyway.  The fact is that raw foods will bring you to vibrant health faster than anything else.

7.  Running will make you healthy. Science has proven that running is not the best exercise for heart health and weight loss. In fact, running will usually cause problems with your joints down the road.  If you have ever looked at a serious long distance runner, they tend to look a little more gaunt then vibrant and healthy. Running is better than a sedentary lifestyle though.

8.  Lifting weights will make you bulky and appear fat. Lifting weights has shown to continue to burn fat for up to 72 hours following a weight training session. If you are a girl, you will not look like a man or a female body builder.  Body builders take specialized supplementation and do way more to push their body than you will ever come close to doing naturally.

9.  I don’t like to sweat. I’ve heard it before, and I still have a hard time with people not wanting to sweat. Sweating helps your blood stay clean and your skin youthful.

10.  Machine type weights are the best in the gym. The fact is using your own body as weight or using free weights will give you faster and greater results than a machine.  There is nothing more vibrant and youthful than a well-toned and energetic body.