Do Anti-Aging Creams Really Work? An in-depth Look!

anti-aging-creams1Many people call hype to the question if anti-aging creams really work, while others swear by them.

Some think that anti-aging creams are nothing more than expensive marketing gimmicks and knowing what I know about the seduction of marketing, these people do have a point.

Being in the field and also knowing the psychology of the human brain, I know that advertisers are hired to pull out all the stops to convince you to buy something whether you need it or not.

To be honest, if people just properly cleansed and gently exfoliated their skin twice a day every day, their skin would automatically look and function better without even having to use lotions, serums and creams.


Even though most people do not properly cleanse their skin and the advertisers of products do not necessarily have your best interest at heart, those do not negate the need and value for anti-aging creams.

As our skin ages, we lose valuable nutrients and co-factors in our cells and skin that we had in abundance when we were younger. Unfortunately, most people took their skin and health for granted and abused their bodies when they were younger.

As people began to age, they saw the years of that abuse suddenly catching up to them.   When your skin ages, collagen and elastin breaks down, cells become full of waste and deprived of nutrients, and the cell itself loses integrity.  Your skin begins to sag, wrinkles appear, the color and texture of your skin changes, and spots appear.

Anti-aging creams supplement or feed your skin with the nutrients and co-factors it has lost with abuse and age. Feeding the body is not enough; you also need to feed your skin.

Just like regaining the health of your body takes time, so does regaining the health of your skin.

These are the top reasons people claim anti-aging products don’t work:

  • People want to see immediate vanishing of wrinkles and age spots, but the reality is that health is gradual. With the use of good quality anti-aging creams and skin care, you will see progress.
  • They do not use the products consistently and for an extended period of time.
  • They didn’t use the products correctly, as directed.
  • They bought anti-aging products that either did not have enough active ingredients or were discounted because they were older. Anti-aging skin care is like medicines; the longer is sits on a shelf, the more it deteriorates and loses effectiveness.
  • Some products work deeper than others which take longer to show results.
  • Ingredients matter.  Ingredients that bind water to the skin will give an immediate plumping look but will not give lasting results.  Many skin care creams have plumping ingredients to emotionally satisfy you. Don’t judge a product based on how good your skin looks immediately after using it for the first week.

Here are my top anti-aging serums and creams that have enough of the right ingredients to anti-aging-creamshelp improve your skin over time:

1.  Vitamin C serum.  Unfortunately, vitamin C is very shelf unstable.  It takes a lot of high quality ingredients and technology for vitamin C to stay stable in a product.  This generally means you will have to pay a hefty price for a vitamin C serum.  It is very worth it because vitamin C helps improve collagen formation. Aging skin lacks vitamin C so adding it into your skin care regimen is important.

2.  La Cerise Anti-Aging Face and Neck Firming Cream with Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 -contains peptides is an affordable skin firming anti-aging cream that will provide lasting results with continued use due to the breakthrough peptides in this product.

3.  Anti-aging Cream – Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Cream with Growth Factor.  This is one of my favorites.  It has Emu oil, Matrixyl, retinol, and epidermal growth factors.  These are powerful ingredients that work short and long term to help your skin regenerate.  It has a larger price tag but a little goes a long way and you are actually saving money in the long run.

4.   Also consider using the Perfective Ceuticals cream with their anti-aging serum: Anti-Aging Serum – Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Serum with Growth Factor.  Serums soak deeper into the skin.  My regimen wouldn’t work as well if I did not include serums.

For daytime regimen:

  • After washing your face and neck, add a light application of Vitamin C serum.
  • After that dries, apply La Cerise Anti-aging face and neck firming cream.

For evening regimen:

  • After washing your face and neck, add a light application of Vitamin C serum.
  • When that dries, use a small amount of the Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Serum with growth factor.  Spread evenly and allow to dry.
  • Lastly, apply a small amount of the Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Cream and spread over skin.

I caution people about buying anti-aging products like Olay.  The products work well and give a temporary boost but they are generally heavier which can make people break out.

The product tends to sit onto of the layers of dead skin cells and glue them together.  The ingredients in products like Olay are not strong enough to make serious changes in your skin.  You end up using more of the product to still not get the results of a better brand, like listed above.

You can safely begin anti-aging creams in your late 20’s to help reverse some of the damage before it sneaks up on you.