How To Choose 3 Haircuts That Erases Years, Not Ages You!

Anti-aging-hairstylesHair has always been a symbol of health, sexiness, and beauty. Your hair says a lot about you. Fads come and go with length and styles.

Back in the early 2000s “the Rachel” was one of the most requested hair styles ever. This style was made popular by actress, Jennifer Aniston, when she played the character, Rachel Green, on the hit tv show, Friends.

Many stars opt for long flowing locks, even if these happen to come from hair extensions, like Beyonce.  Other stars like Miley Cyrus and Jada Pinkett Smith have cut their long locks into edgy buzz cuts.

Whatever the trends are in Hollywood, we see the haircuts quickly repeated on the streets as thousands of women opt to model their hair after their favorite stars.

Finding your hairstyle despite the current trend

Just because something looks beautiful on a star does not mean it will be a youthful haircut for you. It is important that you find a style that is fitting for your shape face.  Look at actresses that have the same face shape as you to see what hair styles are flattering.

Your hairstyle should match your personality.  If you are older, do not feel you must have a certain length of hair or that you can only have a certain color.  Break the rules to match your personality.  If you are sexy, go for longer, flowing locks.  If you are athletic, go for the bob.  Shoulder length hair is always flattering, no matter what your age.

A word of warning on taking your own hair color and haircut into your own hands…don’t.  You can probably do a good job but finding the right stylist can give you that extra boost and vibrancy that you are looking for.

When choosing a haircut, opt for these 3 haircuts and styles that erase the years:

1.  Fine hair should be worn shorter for the best age defying look. Additionally, fine hair should be cut into layers and bangs, if worn, should be feather cut instead of blunt.

Adding lift gives a fun, youthful appearance. Hair that has movement is looked at as being sexy and youthful.  Avoid styles that do not allow movement or need to be frozen with hairspray.

Very dark hair should be lightened a bit so there is an overall appearance of softness that does not highlight skin wrinkles and spots.  Coloring will also make thick hair look thicker by swelling the hair shaft with pigment.

  • Cut shorter
  • Layers
  • Movability
  • Root lift
  • A slightly lighter color if hair is very dark

2.  Straight, long hair should be cut into long, flowing layers that add bounce and face framing style.  Fuller, thicker looking hair always gives the appearance of a slight lift to the face.

Taking hair that has a brassy yellow or orange tone and coloring it to rich colors with honey highlights adds sophisticated brightness with a touch of youth.  Hair color that has depth always keeps skin looking more radiant and youthful.

 Hair damaged by coloring should always be trimmed to remove the damaged parts.  Fried, dyed hair looks older.

  • Long layers to add bounce
  • Face framing
  • Banish brass and orange with rich colors
  • Honey highlights add depth and keep skin looking fresh and youthful
  • Cut out the damage and keep ends smooth

3.  Coarse hair should be worn longer and treated with moisturizing treatments to keep your hair looking healthy.  Trims should occur every 6 weeks to maintain your locks.

Longer layers with pieced layers around your face are very softening and flattering.  Consider getting under-layers to keep hair looking full.  Hair tends to lose fullness as you age; under-layers keeps hair looking full.

A lighter color is always more youthful looking.  Make sure you ask your stylist what color will look best on you with your skin tone.  Avoid going too light as you do not want to look washed out.

  • Coarse hair worn longer
  • Routine trim and weekly moisturizing
  • Long layers with pieced layers around the face
  • Under-layers for fullness
  • Go lighter