If You Want to Cheat the Clock, here are my 6 easy to follow tips.

Many people will do anything to help stop the hands of time. While there is no such thing as the fountain of youth, there are many things that you can possibly do to make your skin, body, and overall health remain in their prime condition. Here are the six most effective tips to keep your body young and beautiful:

1. Choose mild or organic beauty and personal care products.

Harsh products are those that are loaded with harmful chemicals. These chemicals will only cause build-up on the skin, which in turn, could accelerate aging. The first sign of skin aging is drying. If what you’re using right now is stripping your skin of its natural oils, make the switch right away. It is simply too harsh for you. Organic skin care products are generally the best because of their guaranteed chemical-free content.

2. Eat healthy.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are sure to give your body its youthful glow. They are known to keep you detoxified for beauty and longevity. You don’t really have to follow a vegan diet to look younger, although some will say that will definitely help a lot. The idea is to eat more of fresh greens, a lot less of the red meats, and none of the harmful fats.

3. Always get a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is very important to the body. But as a person ages, the more he or she forgoes sleep. But that should be the case. As a matter of fact, it should be the other way around. When we are younger, we are advised to get at least eight hours of sleep. As we get older, they say six hours is sufficient enough. However, if you really want to stay younger longer, stick to eight. Your body will be able to do a truckload of replenishing with that two extra hours of sleep.

4. Cleanse, moisturize, tone, and protect.

This four-step skin care regimen should be followed religiously by both men and women, especially those who want to preserve their youthful, natural glow. Again, use a mild yet effective beauty product for your skin. And use it regularly like your youthful glow depended on it.

5. Treat yourself to a health spa experience.

A weekly trip to a spa is going to do a lot of good to your skin and body. Sauna, as well as almost all other services offered in a spa, can help restore your lost youth via improved blood circulation. With both oxygen and blood reaching each body part it will certainly help keep you looking younger. Mind you, it can be expensive doing this on a regular basis, so maybe a bath at home, with the phone switched off and a bit of peace and quiet, it will go a long way to giving you a daily rejuvenation.

There has even been a recent report of an alternative programme called vinotherapy. The process involves being wrapped, massaged and smothered in extracts from wines. The research carried out shows that wine can help shift cellulite, reduce wrinkles and even provide an effective facelift.

So what is vinotherapy? The key is the the ingredient found in wine being “grapeseed oil”.

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6. Love life and be active.

Being active doesn’t just make you feel young – it also puts you in the right groove. A regular trip to the gym is enough to get those muscles going and if that is not your thing, next time you think of using the car, ask yourself if you can walk instead.