Is Your Skin Aging? How to Spot the Signs!

stress-and-skinYour skin is often how you show up to the world. Healthy, glowing, vibrant skin means that you are as youthful on the inside as you are on the outside. Skin that shows extreme signs of aging and stress can reveal that you are feeling; aged and stressed.

Intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging are two different things. Intrinsic aging is a result of natural body processes that slow down. Extrinsic aging happens from factors that cause sudden, unnatural, or premature aging. 

Here are some extrinsic factors:

  • Skin is very elastic and influenced by a great number of things. Something as simple as adopting a good daily skin care regimen can make positive changes in the way your skin looks.
  • What you eat, drink and smoke similarly affects your skin. Adopting a healthy diet while avoiding alcohol and smoking cigarettes often produces amazing changes in your skin with time.
  • Periods of chronic stress will age you faster than anything I have ever seen.  Providing yourself with some serious TLC will eventually reverse the stress damage to your appearance.
  • Diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure are known to wreak havoc on a youthful appearance. Make sure that you do everything you can to keep your body as healthy as possible.

Now that you know what factors cause unnatural aging, grab a mirror and see if you can spot the signs.

Signs that your skin is aging:

1.  Dry skin. Skin may be more prone to dry areas and have a harder time adjusting to environmental and climate changes.

2.  Thinning skin. Skin thins as you age. You will often see blue veins under your eyes and around your temple areas. Your hands are another tell-tale sign of thinning skin.

3.  Gravity hits. Your eyebrows drop a little causing a slight drop to your upper eye.  Youthful eyes are often described as wide-eyed. A very gentle touch to lift your skin slightly should show you some marks of gravity. Cheeks and jaw also tends to drop slightly, revealing marionette lines on either side of your nose to your lips.

4.  Spots appear. Brown spots appear usually under your eyes and the area between your cheeks and jaw first.  Your hands will also develop a few spots.

5.  Wrinkles. Motor wrinkles around your eyes will begin to deepen. Crow’s feet at the sides of your eyes are first to appear.  Forehead wrinkles may also deepen.

These are just a few tips and techniques to help you spot the signs of aging and hopefully get on the journey of doing something about it.