Start from Here: Understanding the Aging Process!


There are two types of aging we concern ourselves with when we are understanding the aging process: healthy aging and premature aging.

Healthy aging does not rob us of our vitality and health.  With healthy aging we actually become stronger and more secure in our own skin.  Healthy aging occurs at natural intervals throughout life, while our good health and mind stays intact.

Premature aging, on the other hand, robs us of our zest for life and often our beauty and health.  When premature aging occurs, people often want to avoid looking at their reflection in the mirror, they dread getting older, find themselves unhappy, unsatisfied and often depressed, and they are on one or several prescription drugs for various ailments.

Premature aging does not leave someone feeling or looking their best as they are aging faster than they should.

The aging process- what is it?

To sum it up easily, the aging process has to do with specific genes expressing or not expressing and also cell turnover and cellular death.

People that age naturally in a healthy way have fewer negative gene expressions, while people that are prematurely aging have several negative gene expressions.

People have thought that genes are fixed.  What your parents had or looked like, were what you were destined to have and become.  Science paints a different picture.

Genes are inherited to a certain extent but it is very possible to stop the unwanted genes from ever expressing.  The best ways to do this is through a super clean diet, healthy exercise, a healthy environment, and a good mental and emotional state.

Every cell of your body has the ability to turn over, regenerate, and divide so many times in your lifetime.  When that cell has turned over the pre-determined amount of times, it dies altogether.  Cell turnover can be slowed down through the various factors that also will prevent negative gene expression.

When someone comes to me and they are prematurely aging, I always ask why their cells are turning over faster than they are not able to duplicate and regenerate.

Here are signs of aging:

  • Decrease in muscle mass, tone and flexibility.  Remember what you don’t use, you lose.  To prevent premature aging:  Exercise and even yoga is an important part in keeping your body strong, toned, and flexible.
  • Organ weakness occurs as you get older and your body begins to slow down.
  • The heart muscle becomes weaker.  To prevent premature aging:  Cardiovascular workouts and keeping your arteries clear and unblocked is important.
  • Kidneys and urinary decline.  To prevent premature aging:  It is important to keep stress and fears at a minimum while eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Pure, filtered water should always be drunk over alcohol, tea, coffee, and sodas.
  • Reproductive system decline that causes a slower sexual response time.  To prevent premature aging:  desire should never decline, no matter what your age.  Make sure you take care of yourself so you feel good about yourself no matter what your age.
  • Skin changes.  Skin becomes wrinkled and is prone to dehydration.  To prevent premature aging:  Protect your skin from excessive sun exposure, use natural skin products and practice meticulous hygiene.  Make sure you begin taking adequate amounts of fish oils, coconut oil and pure water beginning in your 30’s.

Your food choices, your environment, your activity level, and your emotional and mental state while you are younger greatly impacts how and when you age.  You should look forward to aging, not dread aging because you see it as a slow decline until death.

My site will focus on ways that will help you to keep your youth and vitality well into your older years.