Top 3 Simple Natural Anti-Aging Tips For Eyes!

anti-aging-eyeMost people think about anti-aging for their skin but few know about natural anti-aging tips for their eyes.

There is a saying that says eyes are the window to your soul, and the same is true about your eyes being a window to your health and aging. Your aging, moods, and health are all reflected in your eyes.

If someone is in love, you can see it in their eyes. If someone is angry, you can tell by their eyes before they even say a word. You often hear someone described as having kind eyes.

Eyes that are aged and not healthy are dull, dry, and lifeless looking. Eyes that are healthy are moist, bright, and vibrant looking.

It’s time you turn up the heath on your eyes and begin to flash those peepers that reflect your youth and make people weak in the knees.

Here are my top 3 simple natural anti-aging tips for your eyes:

1.  Dewy eyes. The area around your eyes lacks oil glands and that is the reason the eye area is delicate, prone to dehydration, and wrinkling.  Eye creams are great temporary fixes but do little to actually correct any imbalances in your skin.

Castor oil is an age old natural remedy for wrinkles, dark circles, and moisture.  To freshly washed skin apply a drop or two of a natural castor oil to under eye area and tap into your skin using your ring finger.  Make sure you cover lower, upper, and the sides of your eye area.

I even recommend putting a drop or two of castor oil into each eye at night before bed.  This helps ward off and correct dry eye and will keep your eyes moist and healthy.  Be careful of the type of castor oil that you buy.

I recommend the following brands:

  • Home Heritage Castor Oil
  • Now brand Castor Oil
  • Heritage Products Castor Oil

2.  Under eye circles. Dark circles make you look tired and worn out. Besides getting adequate exercise and sleep, there is a natural solution that works well.

On clean washed skin, apply a mixture of red sandalwood, sandalwood, turmeric, drop of rosewater, and a little plain kefir or milk to make a thin paste. Paint this on your dark circles and leave on for 2-10 hours.  It can also be applied as a night treatment and left on overnight.

3.  Puffy eyes.  Puffy eyes make you look older and unhealthy. Avoiding alcohol and salt will usually help reduce puffiness.

For immediate relief: Take 2 bags of green tea and steep them in a small amount of water and keep in the refrigerator to chill. Take a small section of a peeled cucumber, mash it into a pulp, place it in the freezer wrapped in a wet paper towel for 5-10 minutes.

Gather your soaked tea bags, slightly squeezing out the drippy water, and gather your mashed cucumber.  You will want to lie down and apply the chilled cucumber to your eyes and apply the tea bags over that.  Rest for 15 minutes.

There is no need to rinse your eyes after the treatment and you may want to have a towel handy to make clean up easy the next morning before you get up. 

Following these natural anti-aging tips for eyes is a good start to refreshing your appearance and make sure you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as drinking an adequate amount of pure water each day.

Additionally, you will want to include healthy oils into your diet like fish oils, avocado, nuts, and coconut to make sure your internal body is well oiled.

As i write this and after a hard day out and about, i can say with certainty something cool on my eyes or one of these natural treatments helps me rest and get the night started in restful way.

bye for now.!!