Want to Live Longer? Follow This Plan! 10 Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest!

life-to-the-fullestWe all intrinsically are seeking happiness. The major pitfall people have when they try to live their life to the fullest, is that they do not know the rules that govern us.

Everyone is familiar with the law of gravity. There are other laws that are just as real as the law of gravity that governs our existence and happiness. The people that figure out how to use these laws are the ones that live longer, happier and are more prosperous overall.

Here are 10 ways to live your life to the fullest in accordance with the laws that govern us:

1.  Where’s your mind? If you think about a bridge, it was first created in the mind of the architect. All the fabric of our life was first created in our mind with our thoughts. The majority of people think about what they don’t want and what makes them unhappy, but few people concentrate solely on what they do want and think only about that.

2.  Look at your 3 friends. Look at the 3 people closest to you. This is a reflection of where your thought patterns are and what you are attracting. If you want to be more than that, start thinking different.

3.  Do onto others. Do onto others are you would have done to you. This does not only apply to how you act towards others, it applies to what you think about others. Do you want others to be thinking bad thoughts about you? Make a commitment to stop thinking badly of others all the time.

4.  Figure out what it is that you want. Most people live a life by default. They may know what they don’t want, but really cannot define what they do want. If it meant the difference between living a long and happy life or a miserable, short life, would you figure out what it was that you did want and put all your effort into thinking about that? It’s time to do that now.

5.  Set goals for your future. It is important that you keep a dream journal. How do you want your life to look?  What age do you want to live to?  What are all the details you need to live a happy and full life?  If you were facing the end of your life, what do you wish you would have done or had?  Keep those things in your dream journal. Keep going back and rewriting and revising your journal when you attain what you want or change your perspective.

live-life-to-the-fullest-do-not-give-up6.  Gratitude.  Everyone has things about life they like and things they don’t like.  Dwelling on what you don’t like will bring you more of the same. Have true gratitude for what you do have, even if it is not a lot. Find the good inside the bad because it is always there.  Say your prayers of gratitude like many of us did as a child before getting out of bed and before going to bed.

7.  Depressed? Someone said that before you diagnose yourself with depression; look at the people around you. If they treat your poorly, that may be the reason you are depressed. Surround yourself with people that make you feel like you are a million bucks and worth every penny. Begin to distance yourself from the people that make you feel bad.

8.  Be of service.  Be of service to everyone. What if you are here on this earth to actually make the lives better of everyone you come in contact with? What you put out, you get back. Find something nice to say to every single person you see. Give of yourself and keep giving, even if you think you have nothing to give. You will get that same treatment back, but you must give fully and without restraint.

9.  Feel better about yourself. Do you truly love yourself? It is imperative that you see yourself as worthwhile just as you are. This means loving yourself if you are overweight, loving yourself if you don’t have much money, and loving yourself on matter what you were told growing up.
Find the worth in who you have become and concentrate on that. Once you start making the actions to enrich everyone’s lives, begin looking at how you enrich your own life.

10.  Treat yourself with respect.  You are worth all the respect in the world.  It is time you begin to live that way.  Do not settle for situations that make you feel disrespected. You have to demand respect and treat your own body with respect. Eat good, pure food, exercise, and meditate. While it is cliché, be the change you want to see most in the world!