What are the 2 Parts of Your Body That Indicates Your Age?

2-aging-signsMost women become concerned with the way they look in their 30’s. They see the stress of life just beginning to set in. If they are mothers, this stress seems to set in a little faster.

Women pour over the magazines touting the latest and greatest products to turn back the hands of time and prevent wrinkling. They become sun conscious and use sun screen to ward off sunspots. They may even seek out an esthetician to begin a professional skin care treatment.

Women spend over $426 billion dollars a year on skin care. There is a problem I notice in woman after woman. They concentrate on their face and neglect the rest of their body.

While concentrating on your face, you look at yourself one day and suddenly it seems that certain areas of your body aged very rapidly over night. The fact is that while you were concentrating on other areas of your body, the neglected areas have now aged.

There are 2 parts of your body that indicate your age:

  • You neck
  • Your hands

The dreaded turkey neck

The skin on your neck is different than your face.  It has less muscle and bone structure and the tissue is weaker than your face.  One day you look in the mirror to see a sagging neck and panic.

If you look at many Hollywood stars you can begin to see where their neck shows their age. They will often appear wearing a scarf or otherwise hiding their neck and upper chest region until surgery intervenes in their aging process.

The skin on your neck and chest suffer the same damage as your face, yet does not receive the same cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing as your face.  Start tonight to include your neck and chest in your daily skin care routine.

Sleeping has been the bane of beauty enthusiasts.  So much so that there are several special pillows that you can purchase that will help not to wrinkle and distort your skin while sleeping. Think it is crazy? Think again; people spend almost half their life sleeping.  Gentle tissues are tugged, pulled and stretched often for hours at a time.

  • Make sure you are sleeping as flat as possible with only one pillow.
  • There are several cosmetic procedures that can help tighten the neck.  New lasers out on the market are offering greater skin tightening than ever before.

Hand spots and crinkles

I began to notice a trend in hand spots, also known as age spots, in men and women in their 40s.  Hands are a dead giveaway as to your age.  Chinese medicine links these spots to liver congestion.

The most famous area for age spots to appear on the back of the hand is between the thumb and pointer finger but located directly under the pointer finger.  Sometimes a second one appears under the middle finger on a diagonal from the first spot.

The skin on hands tends to thin with age, as well as youthful fat loss occurring which further makes hands look older and crinklier.

  • Make sure you protect your hands from the elements.  Shield your hands from harsh sun rays and apply a good moisturizer daily.  Coconut oil is wonderful for keeping hands soft and supple.
  • People are plumping up their hands with the same fillers they are using in their lips and frown lines.  Lasers work well for lightening spots on the hands and also thickening skin.

Prevention is the greatest asset in fighting the signs of aging. Do not neglect the rest of your skin in favor of your face. Once you begin to properly take care of all parts of your skin, you will notice how quickly your skin responds and begins to glow once again.